Once Upon a PE Lesson

Ninja-rific Adventures: Unveiling the Stealthy Secrets of Ninja Training in PE Class!

A Ninja Training Camp in PE Class

Imagine learning all the cool moves and techniques that ninjas use to jump, roll, move, and balance. Well, guess what? we have a special ninja training camp for your grade 2 Mini Ninjas!


Students will learn how to jump like a ninja. Jumping is an important skill for ninjas because it helps them move quickly and silently. We will practice jumping over obstacles like hurdles and vaults. Students will practice jumping high and far, just like a real ninja!

Moving silently is another important skill for ninjas. Students will practice moving quietly on their tiptoes, just like a ninja sneaking up on their target. Students practice moving silently through an obstacle course, testing their ability to be stealthy and quick.

Next, students learn how to roll like a ninja. Rolling is a skill that helps ninjas move smoothly and safely. Students will learn how to tuck your body and roll forward, just like a ninja dodging an enemy. Rolling is a fun and exciting way to move around like a true ninja!


Finally, students will practice their balancing skills. Ninjas need to have excellent balance to perform their amazing stunts. Students will learn how to stand on one leg and hold different poses without falling over. Balancing requires concentration and control, just like a ninja!

After weeks of intense ninja training, it will be time for the ultimate test – the ninja graduation ceremony. Students will showcase all the skills they have learned in front of their classmates and teachers. If they can demonstrate their jumping, rolling, moving, and balancing abilities, through the ninja obstacle course, Students will officially graduate as ninjas!


Remember, becoming a ninja takes practice and dedication. So don’t give up, keep training, and soon you’ll be a true ninja master. Put on your ninja gear, check out the six week training plan and graduation certificate, and let’s get started!



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