Ideas and Questions which Run Wild in My Mind!

After great success with storytelling in Early Years PE, I’ve been looking at how I can progress with this link between movement and language throughout primary PE lessons.
If you’re lucky enough to have returned back to school, you will have realised that …
Storytelling and movement words are great but how else can I ensure that movement within PE helps to develop a student’s language skills?
If you’ve already started storytelling, please get in touch and let me know how it is going. Here are some steps you may like to take to help you prepare if you’ve not had a chance to implement it yet.
I found myself in this position – my first time teaching PE in the Early Years PE and I was concerned. How could I provide the best learning experiences? How could I ensure my teaching was effective? I asked my colleagues and the wonderful world of Twitter for advice.
In this blog I want to give everyone a round of applause for plodding on during this uncertain and concerning time. EVERYONE, no matter where they live, whatever their job, is being tested, every day. As long as we are doing our best to look after each other, we all deserve a pat on the back!
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