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Once Upon a PE Lesson:

a Journey of Movements and Imagination

Welcome to Once upon a PE lesson, an innovative approach that combines movement and language learning within Physical Education (PE). Our goal is to inspire creative lessons that engage students and enhance their physical and linguistic abilities. We offer a variety of resources to support teachers in delivering these exciting lessons. Additionally, our blogs provide valuable insights and experiences from the world of early years and primary PE. Join us on this journey of blending movement and language to create a unique and enriching PE experience for students.

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Let's do the tooty ta!

The Chronicles of Teaching Materials

Travel the world with Gymnastics

This gymnastics unit matches the theme as students are going to travel the world and learn about different countries using movements, shapes and jumps. Tried, tested, and ready to use.

3 PE Games for Movement and Language

The first game follows the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, this game focuses on target throwing and dodging. It amazed me how well the students adapted to taking on different roles, really understanding the tasks they must complete to earn treasure.The second game is called ‘Forbidden Forest‘ students showed Kindness by saving each other from the monsters in the forest. The third treat for you is less of a game, more of a surprise.
I’ll give you a clue…. GYMNASTICS!

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Movement Words

Movement words work like magic. Allow students to experience the action of the word so they can fully understand how to use the word in their speaking and writing. Words have been categorised in to PE activities to help give ideas but of course they are interchangeable .

Early Years (1) PE Learning Journey

Each activity has a theme/story which enhances the learning of language alongside movement. Themes include; Back to School.
Family and Summer.

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Tales from the Blogosphere

Whispers from the Enchanted PE Realm

Shannon D.

via TeachersPayTeachers.com

I was looking for new things that would help get the kids moving at home and these resources are useful!

Mr. Tom

Dehong BJ International Chinese School

I was looking for new things that would help get the kids move would like to strongly recommend these planning resources for physical education in early years. They were really useful and allowed students to be creative.It helps me to get more ideas.

Mrs Schmitter

via TeachersPayTeachers.com

This resources was great for reviewing with my students!

Mr Urban

Early Years and Primary School Teacher

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Rachel Ford’s outstanding schemes of work designed for early years PE education. Rachel’s lesson plans are simply remarkable, as they offer exceptional clarity and ease of use, even for teachers without a specialized background in physical education. 

The activities she has crafted are not only enjoyable, but also incredibly engaging for young learners. What truly sets Rachel’s schemes apart is the continuous learning they promote, ensuring that each lesson builds upon the previous one. Moreover, every activity is accompanied by clearly described desired outcomes, enabling teachers to guide their students towards specific learning goals. Rachel’s dedication and expertise shine through in her well-designed and effective schemes of work, making Once Upon a PE Lesson an invaluable resource for early years PE education.

Mr October

King’s College International School, Hangzhou

Rachel is an exceptional Physical Education ambassador. Her leadership, mentorship, and unwavering commitment are a testament to her dedication. Her excellent planning and organization skills have created an environment of unparalleled efficiency. Under her guidance, the department operates seamlessly, allowing each member to contribute their best. Rachel’s ingenuity in designing captivating games and activities, such as the “Great Wall of China,” showcases her creativity. She consistently imparts invaluable learning experiences to her primary students, making Physical Education both educational and enjoyable. Rachel is a truly wonderful figure in the realm of PE.

The Tale of My PE Adventure

Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of Once Upon a PE Lesson, I embarked on a thrilling adventure to tackle early years’ of physical education. My aim was to make them feel like superheroes and have them play pirates and explorers.

Amidst the excitement, I discovered the hidden treasure of language and storytelling and captured it as a journey where I want students and teachers move, play, and talk, enriched with the joy of learning and discovery. 

Join me in this magical world where PE transforms into a tale of adventure and exploration.

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